Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lake Erie Walleye Charter

I went up to Lake Erie yesterday (2/19/2011) to check out the ice situation.  There are no shanties, air boats, or any signs of ice fisherman.  The best sign that I noticed was open water starting to appear.  I think everybody knows what that means.  Lake Erie walleye jig fishing is just around the corner.  Most of the open water was off Miller Ferry area of the South Passage.  I also visited Wild Wings and the ice is still locked in there pretty good.  I talked to an ice guide and he was packing up his stuff and heading home to put it away for the year and get his charter boat ready for spring fishing.  The last stop was to check on the boat.  Sweet Escape was the same as when it was put away in the fall.  Took some things off the trailer that need to be fixed and I will begin working on them this week.  Its great to begin thinking about walleye fishing and stop sitting in the recliner.  Well enough for this post, I got a new fishing rod to order and stinger hooks to finish tying.  Til next time, think warmer temperatures and happy fishing.

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