Monday, April 15, 2013

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report | Sweet Escape Charters | Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Well 4 of us finally got out on a decent morning with no wind and managed to capture 13 nice walleye.  The morning bite was much better than mid morning.  We had 11 of our fish by 9:30 starting around 7:30, the remaining 2 walleye came very slow quitting around 1:30.  Overall we had a great day and fishing partners were great.  Walleye were caught on jigs with no minnows and captain j's blade baits East of K-Can in 13 fow.  Hope the weather cooperates because the official trips start Saturday.

Other reports from charter boats ranged from about our same numbers to a few limit catches from the group of charters I work with.  I hope mother nature decides to give us some stable weather and backs off on the blowing wind.

Here's a couple of shots before the walleye hit the knife and head to the frying pan.

Still have dates open during the month of June.  Call Sweet Escape Charters to book a great Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charters

Walleye Fishing Charter on Lake Erie

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