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Monday, April 28, 2014

April Jig Fishing on Sweet Escape Charters

School spring break yields 4 great days of walleye fishing aboard Sweet Escape Charters.

April 17 - Took a limit of 12 walleye jigging on Touissant Reef. The bite was really slow due to a cold front that went through earlier in the week, but we managed to get it done with some perseverance. All walleye were captured on purple hair jig without minnows.

April 18 - Took another limit of 12 walleye jigging.  The day started on Touissant Reef before the boat traffic slowed the bite.  We moved out to Niagara Reef and captured are remaining walleye. Again, all walleye were caught on purple hair jigs in 19 feet of water. Numerous other walleye were caught after limiting rather early in the morning.

April 19 - Trip was cancelled due to unfishable water due to a brisk northeast wind. We did manage to get out later in the afternoon after the winds let up doing some fun fishing with other captains and members from the camp ground. Left the dock around 3:00 p.m. and took our limit of 20 walleye finishing around 6:00 p.m.  Started jigging on Cone Reef only capturing a few walleye before heading to Niagara Reef to finishe the day. Walleye were caught on a variety of hair jig colors.

April 20 - Back on the water again aboard Sweet Escape Charters heading to Niagara Reef for another awesome day of jig fishing. Action was really good with most fish coming in the deeper water on the northeast corner of the reef by the grren can in 23-26 feet of water. A limit of 24 walleye were caught using hair jigs without minnows.  

April 26 - Another good weekend of Lake Erie walleye fishing. Only heading out on weekends now until school lets out. Had a group of 6 on Saturday and the fishing was pretty tough all over the lake. We managed to capture 19 walleye working south east of K-can in early morning and moving to Touissant Reef to finish the day. Mother nature is not cooperating with us this spring. We need some southwest winds and some warmer temperatures to move in. It appears that many female walleye have finished spawning as trollers are taking some very nice walleye using huskie jerks and reef runners. The walleye may be moving into the transitional period after the spawn. We did managed to capture a few sheepshead jigging over the weekend.

April 27 - Fished Touissant Reef and caught the 12 walleye needed for a limit. It was another day of northeast wind, muddy water, and waves. Mother nature! Please give us some warmer temperatures and a stable weather pattern. Probably will need to begin switching from jigging to crawler harnesses and/or trolling very soon. Hope the casting bite hangs on for some time and we can keep the trolling gear in the cabin.

If you would like a chance to be a part of the hot walleye charter action on Sweet Escape Charters, give us a call (419) 563-6439 and book your charter.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Walleye Charters on Lake Erie | Lake Erie Fishing Charters | Sweet Escape Charters

Fishing was great this Memorial Day weekend aboard Sweet Escape Charters.  On Saturday, we captured 42 walleye trolling southwest of D-Can using scorpion stinger spoons on 40-50 ft leads.  Day started off slow but ended with a bang.
Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing

On Sunday, we had a short crew of 4 guys and myself.  We got our limit of 30 walleye caught trolling with scorpion stinger spoons on 40-55 ft leads.  Started the morning off in the same location as Saturday but could not get them to bite.  Head a little nortwest of the area towards Flatrock Reef and got into some very nice fish.  No pic of the limit but most of the walleye caught were around a 5lb average like the one Johnny has here.

On Sunday, the same group managed to capture another limit trolling northeast of Niagara Reef in 30 feet of water.  Had to move the leads a little deeper to 60-75 ft leads.  Finished the day around 11:30 a.m.  Johnny and Spider wanted to pose with some awesome Sweet Escape Charters attire and show the great time they had catching some great walleye.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report | Sweet Escape Charters | Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Well 4 of us finally got out on a decent morning with no wind and managed to capture 13 nice walleye.  The morning bite was much better than mid morning.  We had 11 of our fish by 9:30 starting around 7:30, the remaining 2 walleye came very slow quitting around 1:30.  Overall we had a great day and fishing partners were great.  Walleye were caught on jigs with no minnows and captain j's blade baits East of K-Can in 13 fow.  Hope the weather cooperates because the official trips start Saturday.

Other reports from charter boats ranged from about our same numbers to a few limit catches from the group of charters I work with.  I hope mother nature decides to give us some stable weather and backs off on the blowing wind.

Here's a couple of shots before the walleye hit the knife and head to the frying pan.

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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charters

Walleye Fishing Charter on Lake Erie

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report | Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter

Sweet Escape is in the water and getting ready for those walleye. Reports from yesterday were improved catches. I got reports from other captains and recreational boaters anywhere from a couple of fish to 20 walleye.  Walleye were caught in 15 to 17 ft on hair jigs.  Got some organizational work on the boat and helping another captain get his new charter boat ready to go in the water today. Looks like the wind may cause us to stay in close to shore today with reports on winds from 15-25 mph today out of SE. Will report when I get out with catch results.

Captain Todd